Monday, June 1, 2009

Wii Active and Wii Sore

In my never ending search for products that provide the results of exercise but don't require the effort of exercise I recently purchased the Wii Active.

We have the Wii Fit and it was Wii fun, but got kind of Wii old and Wii forgettable -- and frankly since you choose what exercises you want to do... You can call it a workout when all you've really done is sway from side to side on the board trying to get the marble in hole. In otherwords, if you were looking to slack, you can slack.

So the Wii Active came in on Friday, and it has a few nice features such as, the balance board isn't required and if you are not so concerned about what your *** looks like in running shorts, you are able to workout with a friend - at the same time.

I got going on Saturday doing the initial workout and am on a streak, having worked out yesterday too. And can I just tell you, my Wii heiny (which isn't that wii) is a Wii bit sore. My legs, the same. I'm highly considering a Wii Wheelchair right now. The work they have you do is a bit like circuit training, you don't do anything all that long, but long enough and you often come back to do it several times during your session. They have a band that goes around your thigh (I'm sure some legs better then others -- frankly the band could be a bit longer but that's another story), you put the numchuk in there and it can tell when you're doing leg movements (and when your not, it's very kind and will wait... until you do!) they also have a resistance band.

So I have to say if you too are on a quest to find exercise methods that don't require exercise efforts, Wii Active, not your choice. The thing seems to work. My darling husband was almost rendered beached this weekend while kayaking after a trial on the intermediate effort. If you're willing to sacrafice a little sweat, it could be just the thing you're looking for.

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