Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Boy in a Bucket

Yeah, so, who needs toys, when a bucket will do.

Who knows, maybe we'll be able to order this at KFC one day soon.

Yeah, I could have been a Martha

To many of my friends surprise, I am actually quite "crafty" and I can actually cook a real meal, please remember - CAN and DO - two very separate things. In fact, it's a good thing Big G travels so much, because he really has an expectation for me to cook much more then I have any ambition to do.

But all that aside, I can pull it out for a friend when I really need to. And because I've been rather neglect to her -- and she brought the wine, I was happy to lend a hand. So folks, I give you "The Duck" Created by yours truly.
Construction: 2 boas, a striped pj pant, a onsie, a turtleneck, pillow stuffing, yellow visor, a fleece cap.

Really Gwyneth, Really

In case you haven't heard, Gwyneth Paltrow has a new website, "Goop." Her tag-line is Nourish the Inner Aspect. (really, Nourish the Inner Aspect?? what does that mean?)

Gwyneth shares with us her favorite things, so that we can all benefit from her wisdom and wonder at all her good life provides her. I don't know who she's addressing - as she references her life as a mother and a socially conscientious being, but it sure isn't my world (I'm sure the real target audience is about five people).I mean seriously - she bought the heel-less platform PVC boots that you may have seen Victoria Beckham wearing a few weeks back, is this really someone in touch with the "every man"
And I just love it, can't wait for the next newsletter, but I'm sure if she knew, she'd say it was for all the wrong reasons and unsubscribe me from her email list. She tells her readers to work out and stick with it and to learn to cook with real food. It's brilliantly self indulgent and narcissistic, and aside from the lessons we need to learn from how great her life is - there isn't much on the website and doesn't exactly fulfill it's promise to share things to do/get, etc. Her newsletter offers more insight to this highly enlightened mind -- sharing her "favorite things." Which makes it one of my favorites.

I would like to offer our dear Gwyneth a few pieces of advice, a click through or two on the newsletter could be beneficial - especially if she is trying to make a few dollars on this effort.