Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yeah, I could have been a Martha

To many of my friends surprise, I am actually quite "crafty" and I can actually cook a real meal, please remember - CAN and DO - two very separate things. In fact, it's a good thing Big G travels so much, because he really has an expectation for me to cook much more then I have any ambition to do.

But all that aside, I can pull it out for a friend when I really need to. And because I've been rather neglect to her -- and she brought the wine, I was happy to lend a hand. So folks, I give you "The Duck" Created by yours truly.
Construction: 2 boas, a striped pj pant, a onsie, a turtleneck, pillow stuffing, yellow visor, a fleece cap.

1 comment:

Amo said...

I'm still claiming as my own.

The dinner was good though....

And only one family member noticed the empty wine glass in the background. (Told them it was yours...)