Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ponder the future of media and advertising.

Being in the media world, I am particularly aware of the state of media, in fact, I'm inundated with it, and the picture isn't pretty.
As with most, media, my sites (iMoms.com - network of local mom websites -shameless plug) is dependent on advertising to exist. So, when media companies are going through huge layoffs, putting property up for sale, filing for bankruptcy, it's a little scary.
But as a consumer, I was just thinking... if advertisers are pulling back, what does that mean for us? More self promotion running in newspapers, magazines, websites -- seriously, how many subscription cards does a rag need? Or on TV? Since I doubt we're they will add a few more minutes of content on to our favorite shows, are we destined to see the same commercials over and over? Because if that's the case, I quit. I can only handle so many Geiko wolfmen ads and I'm already far past my quota.
If this is what's in store for us, then it's time to buy stock in TIVO, because I'll never watch live television again!

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