Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1 big or 10 small

I am generally a fan of technology, you could call me a gadget geek. How great is it that everything is so much smaller now, cell phones, cameras, computers, why just last week I saw this pocket sized projector that weighs only 7 ounces and will project images/video from your camera or iPod! Seriously, that's cool.

But on a recent visit to Vendo-land in search of something sweet, I looked at rows D & E where all the candy bars reside. Locked in their own little mini-cubicle, were your standard fair of Twix, Hershey's, Mr. Goodbar. KitKat and more. I quickly moved on to row C which had your standard vending array of cookies and crackers and opted for that. But as I put my dollar into the slot, I thought... hmmm, candy bar and quickly thought, oh no, I can't do that.

As I left vendo-land I thought, why? Why not a candy bar and then it hit me. Since the introduction and increased popularity of miniaturized candy bars, I am no longer physically (ok, mentally) able to purchase chocolaty goodness in the size God intended them to be in, I can only eat the dwarf versions. A full size bar is indulgent, decadent, enlarges thighs and will raise eyebrows from my cube mates with in the office. Though they may not admit to their prejudice, my co-workers, find mini's the only acceptable chocolate to eat. And I would venture to assume, most the country share in that bias.

So as I reflect on my choice of cheesy crackers, when I really longed for creamy milk chocolate, I get up, wander over to the cube with the big blue bowl, filled with mini-three musketeers and mini-snickers and grab myself a couple handfuls. Yummie goodness in miniture form, acceptable to all.

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