Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hoping I bought some good gifts.

I avoided the roads on black Friday, but did my best to contribute to the cause and found I think some good and maybe slightly unpredictable gifts for the family. If you're uninspired at what you can get the siblings that would be useful but not a ton of money, maybe these ideas will help.

Mini Tri-Pod
I bought several of these MODO Pocket compact tripod. Ok, so you may think these are a little silly, after all, just put it on a table or counter or something, but with this, it attaches and can stay on the bottom of almost any camera and you can tilt and adjust where it points, which is the problem I have when I try to just put the camera on a surface to shoot. It folds up flat to the bottom of the camera when you're not using it. For $30 it's a good gift for my brothers and sister - or I think it is.

ePad Lap Desk
This is no way unique, but I used one at a hotel recently and thought - I've got to get me one of those! it's a padded lap desk for your laptop, currently on sale for $39.00 at Brookstone (and this weekend if you order more then $100, they'll send you a $20 gift card). They come in four colors and have handles. It pops your computer up just enough that it's far more comfortable to work even in bed. I got several of these and thought they'd make perfect gifts for my boss, my neice who's in college and one of my team members. I'm actually thinking about going back and getting a few more.

Toy RC Helicopter
Thank you Woot! Today they put these up for $8.99 and just ideal for my nephews who are tweens and always rough to buy for because we don't spend a lot of money on these guys but want to get them something else. Of course this will be gone tomorrow, but Woot has helped me several times find a gift that will be fun with out spending a fortune. I'll be checking them out to see if I find other things I can give as gifts on Woot right up till Christmas!

If I come across some other great finds, I'll keep you alerted, but I'm almost done and it's not even December 1! That is a first!

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